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Practices of Pakistani weddings

02 Dec
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Practices of Pakistani weddings

By Test Order

A pakistani bride is an occasion that features numerous customary customs. While most of the situations are similar to Indian celebrations, there are also some that make a pakistani matrimony distinctive. The Nikah, the Islamic ceremony festival, is the most significant event. In front of a Qazi and the woman’s households, the event is a theological matter

The Mehndi day, which is a day filled with complex henna styles, is a popular custom. The bride’s closest women friends and family members gather together to decorate their hands and feet with wax, which represents both elegance and great fortune. Mehndi night also features song and celebrations.

A few days a week before the bride, the Mayun ritual begins. Close family and friends apply ubtan and oil to the couple’s hands and feet at this women’s sole celebration. Then they all dance and sing to the beat of a dholki ( drum ) known as a dhol.

The bride’s home is followed by the Barat, or couple’s parade, after the Nikah. The groom’s family and friends did typically accompany him on a horse or in a luxurious vehicle. With dancing, fireworks, and singing, this is a very great and festive occasion.

The Walima, or the bridal welcome, occurs after the Barat is over. This is hosted by the vicar’s household and is a less hot pakistani women proper celebration than additional Pakistani marriage traditions.

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